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Edna Stewart 

   "Break all the rules...Just a little Bitt."

Artist Edna Stewart
"My passion for art is my true burning desire for the love of writing and art. Writing and art make the world go around.  My writings and art are deep and thought with my own expressions.  I love the arts, life, and people from around the world.
My universal wish, for humans to live positive in the moments of life.   For me, it does not matter how much money you have or Status.  It can go away in the blink of the eyes...it's how you truly live life in the moments of it and doing what a person is created to do."
Edna Stewart is a Published/ freelancer songwriter, writer, author and artist of, e-books, published books, and art, Blog talk Radio host of Movies to Love: Indie Films, owner of Hey Girl Production & Storyboard Creations, a graphic, logo, and t-shirt design business and owner of a virtual store at:

The virtual specialty stores are her own art creations; she also attended the Harriette Austin's Writers Conference, 2008 and 2011 University of Georgia, and studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh from 2008 -2015.
I enjoy using my deeply define imaginative skills to challenge myself to look into nature for an impressive work of art.  I love to define the natural potentials of life for people in art.

Commission work:
6 months 2 years for large projects.  Estimates, company, contract, invoice (description of work for hire, ½ down payment start of project and ½ due at end of project.
Free Consultations for commission work available, estimates, invoice of work schedule plan, 1/2 down payment, and 1/2 due delivery date set.

My works of art are held as a private collection.
​Clay sculptures are for sale and for collaboration wirh bronzing artist. Cartoon charaters are also for sale and for collaboration.

LGBTQ 25% off
This is an LGBT-friendly business.

Look for the brown log cabin with the bright yellow door, and blue shutters, the red sign (does not apply to companies and clients with legitimate contact for business). Message me for an appointment. Parking available.

Payments can be made through PayPal at email:

Local checks only with verification.  Debit and credit cards accepted.
(Shipping included in the commission price, shipping insurance, please allow 3 to 5 business days based on shipping conditions, international shipping will vary based on country).

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Edna Stewart
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